Andressa Giacomini, MFT

Mental Health Therapist

Andressa was born and raised in Middlesex County of Massachusetts. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and Minor in Disability Studies from the University of Massachusetts of Lowell in 2010, she was ready to venture out into the western U.S. state of California. Thrilled to explore terrains surrounded by cliff-side beaches, the Mexican border, jaw dropping forests and near perfect weather.


In 2019, Andressa graduated from National University with the degree of Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Specialization in Licensed Professional Clinical Counseling, and Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy.


By trade, Andressa is an empathetic collaborator. She has worn many hats throughout her years. Mentoring dependent adults, guiding families and individuals find a career they appreciate, coaching youth basketball, volunteering in hospitals, elementary schools, and interning in group homes.


By nature, Andressa is a fierce competitor. She began her collegiate basketball career in the sixth grade.Thriving in team environments, Andressa has accomplished career winning seasons, two Greater Boston League Championships, countless awards and earned a full-scholarship to play at her University. Today she has a passion for Crossfit training, and Olympic lifting.


Andressa is grateful and eager to grow as a school based mental health therapist with Mending Matters. She is quickly learning that programs are student centered, and teamwork is the heartbeat of the company.