Michael Mulligan, LFT

Mental Health Therapist

A California Native, Mike mostly grew up outside LA but has lived in San Diego and near Oakland.  A playful adventurer to the core, seeking new experiences daily whether it be traveling, hiking, rock climbing and cooking. Prior to pursuing a Master’s in Counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy from San Diego State, Mike worked with those struggling with addiction in a resident setting for 3 years.  While at San Diego State, Mike worked in 3 different agencies in San Diego working primarily with adolescents.


After graduating, Mike was privileged to work in Contra Costa County (near Oakland) for nearly two years with families with teens working through the legal system in the home and in the community. While working closely in diverse communities within the family’s home, Mike experienced and learned about the systemic and cultural impacts on everyone’s life and how to try to navigate systems of power as well as seek preferred ways of experiencing life.


Understanding cultures, individual experiences, and what the client and client’s family’s true experience matter most to Mike. Race, religion, sexuality, gender, It’s important to Mike that you are seen, heard, understood, and honored. Above all else, Mike enjoys learning about others and spending time with friends, family, and making new friends.