Jada Browne

BSW Intern

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, I decided to make the brave decision to move away from home and attend college at San Diego State University. I am currently pursuing a degree in Social Work and have been involved in many student organizations that helped me stay involved and connected. I found a passion for social work when I graduated high school and started my freshman year of college. I really enjoyed much of the course work I was taking and inspired me to be more engaged in my community and work toward social justice. I enjoy spending time with family, going to the beach, listening to my favorite artist Shawn Mendes, playing sand volleyball and softball, and trying new foods.

I am honored to be a part of the Mending Matters team, and I intend to continue my education after completing my undergraduate studies and enrolling in graduate school to pursue a Master’s degree in Social Work.

Contact Info

  • Therapists can only be reached during the hours of 7.30AM-3.30PM. In the event you are feeling unsafe or require immediate medical or psychiatric assistance, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. You can also call the Access & Crisis Line for 24/7 assistance at (888) 724-7240.