Restorative Interventions to Suspension

Our restorative services support students by focusing on opportunities for growth and learning in lieu of experiencing stay-home suspensions.

Students are invited to participate in social-emotional programs that serve as an alternative to suspension, facilitated by our mental health therapists. These services encourage positive interactions, communication, and development among students. Ask us about our virtual programs!

  • 93% of students said they had an understanding of how to cope with difficult emotions (i.e. sadness, anger, frustration) after attending the MAPS or GPS program with Mending Matters.

  • 93% of students said they u0022felt they had the tools to address the situation that brought them to the programu0022 after attending the MAPS or GPS program with Mending Matters.

  • 95% of students said they felt their thoughts were respected while attending a Mending Matters Restorative Program.

  • 90% of students said they preferred attending a Mending Matters Restorative Program than a traditional stay-at-home suspension.

  • Served 13,175 students

Services We Offer


GPS is designed to enhance students’ interpersonal skills, including: Respect, Awareness of Triggers, Healthy Communication Skills, Empathy, Development, Focusing on Personal Values, Healthy Decision Making.

A.T.S – Alternatives To Smoking

Alternatives to Smoking is for students challenged with smoking or vaping. The program focused on the impacts of smoking/vaping on students’ physical, social, and emotional health. Students consider healthy alternatives to smoking in the group.rnrn

M.A.P.S – Mindful Actions Peaceful Solutions

Mindful Actions Peaceful Solutions is for students who have engaged in a physical altercation at school. The program focuses on healthy interpersonal skills, trigger identification, and conflict resolution skills. Students are provided a space to deeper reflect on the consequences of their decisions.

P.A.T.H – Pointing Adolescents Towards Health

Pointing Adolescents Towards Health is for students challenged with use or abuse of controlled substances. The program provides education on addiction, the effects of alcohol and drug use, and legal ramifications. Students are provided with a space to reflect on triggers to use, healthy coping alternatives and the impact of their use on their physical, social and emotional health.

Real You

Real You provides students an opportunity to reflect on barriers to academic honesty. The program offers students the space to reflect on existing strengths, values, and resources to support their future academic integrity.


Stay focuses on truancy and attendance. The program facilitates discussion of Support Systems, Coping Skills, Self-Evaluation, Personal and Environmental Factors that Contribute to Absenteeism, and Goal Setting.


due to rising concerns over the use of vape and Marijuana products by students, we created an educational program with a focus on prevention and connection. The program covers the effects vaping and Marijuana can have on a young person’s development and relationships. Way provides students an overview of legal implications and accessible resources.

Crisis Debrief

Mending Matters provides crisis response and debrief on school campuses to assist after a community tragedy or critical incident. The structure of this support varies based on the event(s) that occurred.

Virtual Engagement Programs

The following restorative programs are available, virtually:

  • GPS
  • Way
  • ATS
  • MAPS
  • PATH
The virtual modules focus on the reason for referral or program’s topic (i.e. substance use, physical altercations, etc.), mental health and relationship skill-building, and systems of support. All modules include strengths-based reflection questions, and follow the restorative model of high support and high accountability.

Post-Program Follow Up

Therapists can provide individualized follow up at their campus for students who complete our vritual and in-person programs. This ensures continuity of care while therapists assess the students’ need for additional resources and support

Don’t Just Take It From Us

I can use what I learned to better cope with my daily struggles and steer me away from substances.

– Participant

This program gives me an opportunity to learn and also fix my mistakes that got me suspended in the first place.

– Participant

I believe I can now solve problems with words rather than violence. I learned about communication and how to word things better to prevent situations from going bad.

– Participant

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