The following resources address common topics of concern brought up by young people, families, and schools. To learn more about our programs at schools and partner sites that address these issues, click here.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency please call the San Diego Access and Crisis Line (888) 724-7240 or text HOME to 741741.
For current information regarding COVID-19, please visit the CDC’s website or follow up with your medical provider.

KNOW Vaping 

You may have heard startling statistics about vaping on the news or you discovered your student was caught with a vape device. You may be wondering what exactly is vaping and how does it impact a person’s brain and body? This resource covers the basics about vaping and how you can talk to your student about it.

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KNOW Bullying 

Perhaps your student opened up to you that they are experiencing bullying or you have suspicions about it. This resource gives you 8 easy-to-implement strategies to help build your student’s self-esteem and counteract the negative impacts of bullying.

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Compliment Cards

Having a Bad Day? Wanna Taco Bout It?
Download our free compliment cards here!

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