Prevention Workshops

Workshops are intended for large groups of students and, in some cases, community members, providing essential education and support. Mending Matters has served 9,814 students in our classroom mental health workshops.

Our workshops are topic-specific and easy-to-implement in the school setting.

84% of students reported they… learned something new during the Pause program they can use to support their mental health

84% of students demonstrated… an awareness that it is “normal to struggle with mental health sometimes” after participating in Pause

83% of students reported they… could name where and who to go to at school if they need support with their mental health after attending a Pause workshop

3 out of 4 of Pause participants surveyed… reported they learned ways to talk about their mental health during the program


Social Skills Development

Pause is a seven part program that covers:

  • Introduction to Mending Matters and Mental Health Awareness
  • Boundaries, Communication, and Respect
  • Building an Inclusive School Environment
  • Mental Health: Motivation & Energy
  • Mindful Social Media Use
  • Self-Compassion & Care
  • Stress & Anxiety Management

Each topic is addressed during one classroom session and can be implemented throughout the school year.

Community Presentations

Parent/Community workshops are offered at request on a variety of topics. Mending Matters co-facilitates workshops with students to speak on issues faced by their generation. Ask us for more information!

Want to Bring a Workshop to Your School or Community?

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