Open Letter

At Mending Matters we stand against racism. We are driven by our belief in equitable access to safety, wellness, and opportunities for growth. We see you. We hear you. We commit to show up for you.

As a team, we are committed to take an in-depth look at our own biases, to have conversations that deepen our understanding, and to examine our student curriculums through the lens of social justice and inclusivity. We recognize our unique position in school settings provides us with a platform to influence change. Change that must extend beyond our individual and group therapy sessions. Change that is inspired and driven by the perspectives of our school community members who often feel unseen and unheard.

Self-reflection is a big part of therapy and something we discuss with our students. At Mending Matters, we recognize our responsibility to self-reflect and to have the courage to call each other forward with honesty. We acknowledge our ability to embrace, to acknowledge and to support our students and schools requires us to advocate: to hold systems and structures accountable for the part they play in the challenges our students and schools face. Our commitment to our mission holds true today more than ever. We will remain steadfast in doing what is right. Even when it takes us out of our comfort zones, we will listen more and talk less.

For our students, for their families, for our communities: we will show up today and everyday.

We must do better.